Real Dealz 02: The State of the Market

In Episode 2 Tucker covers the current local and national real estate market statistics and explains what it all means.  He goes into the “Deal of the Week” segment and provides detailed information on a past real estate deal he acquired and sold.  He then goes on to cover the main topic which is “The State of the Market” and talks about the current real estate market and how to profit from it.  For a little added entertainment, Tucker provides a real example of an individual who took exception to our direct mail marketing and makes light of it in our “Direct Mails Greatest Hits” segment.


Episode 2 Segment Notes:

  • Local Market Recap: Monthly Real Estate Statistics for the National and Local Markets.
  • Deal of the Week: Our first online lead of 2013 turns into a great Wholesale Deal that presented some challenges including a Tax Lien.
  • Main Topic:  The State of the Market
  • Direct Mails Greatest Hits:  A disgruntled direct mail caller threatens Tucker.
  • Golden Nugget:  “You make your money when you Buy” Explained
  • Success Quote: By Jordan Belfort
  • Music: Artists: Dr. Dre – Still Dre Instrumental
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