Buyer Beware! The Nightmare of the HOA!

downloadLet me tell you a story… It is one I’ve been venting for a few months now, and it has to do with a renovation in Lake Oswego. It is a renovation we are nearly finished with.  The home was a shit-shack, yes. But once we’re finished, no longer! And, it’ll better the neighborhood! But, once again, the HOA has turned into a huge nightmare…

Initially, the HOA was there to help manage the common area and make sure Uncle Eddie didn’t move in and put up blue tarps everywhere. But, over time, they’ve come to consume the entire damn neighborhood. They’re power hungry – everyone can see it.

So, here is how the power of the HOA Board first imposed their will… I put up a “No Trespassing” sign on the property. This is standard for us. We put up a sign as the first barrier to protection from litigation and frivolous lawsuits. Well, the HOA Board had a fit and I had to go down to one of their meetings and negotiate my way down to posting a sign on the trash can. Fine, I thought. I’ll make it work. But, the next day I notice the neighbor has a “Beware of Dogs!” sign on his garage. It was dirty and cracked, and was visibly aged.

Then, I had to submit a change form for the siding. Then the roof. And then for the landscaping. All-in-all, I’m not sure how many change forms I’ve had to submit. 8? 10? 12?

Sorry for the rant, but here is the nugget: Beware of the HOA. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Read their legal docs, find out how they operate and tread lightly. Just remember: profit had better beat the hassle of the work!


Author: Dan

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