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images56Focus. You need to focus to achieve success. Right? Sometimes your focus needs to shift in order to grow. This is something I don’t hear a lot of Guru’s talking about. When to know how to try and grow your business. Let’s use an example from Real Estate Investing. Let’s say your wholesale business is growing. You’ve got connections. Builders are asking what’s coming down your pipeline. But, you want to grow your business? Should you try to dip your toe in another market? This would require virtual wholesaling. Do you want to do virtual wholesaling? Did you consider marketing to a different section of town? These are good questions that address the issue of focus and growth.

Whenever I want to expand my reach, I ask myself: Am I ready for this? Is this the vision of growth I have for myself? I don’t want to spread myself too thin and lose the mastery I have in REI. So, ask yourself: What direction do you want to go? And what is it going to take to get there? By asking these questions, and giving yourself honest answers, you should be able to make good decisions that you are confident with.

The point I am circling here is this: sometimes slow growth is good growth. You want to be a master at wholesaling before you try rehabbing. You want have mastered rehabbing before you dive into a big renovation. I wanted to produce the podcast for years, but I wasn’t able to do so. I have mastered my business and I was in a position to share that mastery with other Real Estate Investors. A few years ago my business might have suffered. Today, I can keep the REI machine cranking and share information. I focused and grew, and now I’m focused on newer projects, so that I can grow again.



Author: Dan

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