The Deal Finders Academy

Our Flagship High-Level Mastermind Group is The DFA (The Deal Finders Academy) which has been in existence for almost 4 years now!

That’s right, we started this group almost 4 years ago to help teach other high level investors from across the country all of our sneaky little competitive advantages that we use on a daily basis. Over that time though this group has grown into so much more than just a place for my team and I to provide insight and investing advice. It’s become an amazing community of high level investors who are all doing amazing things and also making a TON of money in the process.

There are more members than I can count who are quietly bringing in well over “7 Figures” in profit from their real estate investing businesses each year. There are Members from virtually every major metro market across the country represented in this group, but most importantly they’re all just great people who are willing to share both their challenges as well as their successes!

Our DFA members range from those building large scale ground-up Multi-Family buildings to those building multi-million dollar Spec-Homes, to those building insanely great Cash-Flowing Rental Portfolios.

The power of being a part of a group with so many successful investors in various different real estate investment niches is nothing short of amazing! These are just some of the reasons why the vast majority of our initial members are STILL part of the group over 4 years later!! If you have an existing REI business but you want to improve your circle of influence and ultimately increase your income dramatically, then reach out to us today about joining the DFA Mastermind Group!

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The DFA Launchpad

Our more entry-level real estate investing community is The DFA Launchpad, which is meant to help people not only get started with their REI businesses, but also help our members learn the must-have skills of marketing for deals and seller negotiations!

The journey of getting started in this business to actually achieving success, doesn’t need to be long and expensive if you have the right guidance.

The DFA Launchpad was created to give you the guidance you need, in order to shorten the learning curve and also prevent you from spending unnecessary money along the way. This community has helped launch members REI businesses that have now done as much as 6-figures of profit in a single month! It also provides a great platform to communicate with other DFA Launchpad members and my entire team on a daily basis.

This community is great place to not only get started with your REI business, but also to expedite your learning curve when it comes to finding and negotiating great deals. Lastly you get lifetime access to this coaching group once you join, so it’s a one-time investment to then receive as much coaching and guidance as you need along your journey!

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The REI Deal Generator Mastery Program

Our newest High-End Mastery Program is called

The REI Deal Generator – Mastery Program

This program is one that’s been in the making for almost a year, but we’ve opened the doors to a small initial group of Only 5 Investors.

In this program you’ll work directly with Justin Silverio who’s the Owner of Open Letter Marketing and JS2 Homes in Boston (Also a 4+ year DFA Mastermind Member) and Myself!

We’ll not only help you build out your entire business, but we’ll also help design and execute all of your marketing campaigns as part of the Program!

You see, we’ve designed a coaching program that will support its members throughout the entire process of Setting up the businessPlanning & Designing your Marketing CampaignsExecuting those Marketing CampaignsNegotiating Deals and ultimately taking those deals and turning them into Giant Paydays!

Make sure to check out Real Dealz Podcast Episode 217 to learn more about The REI Deal Generator – Mastery Program!

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