Real Dealz 08: Negotiating Directly With Private Sellers

negotiating-the-real-estate-dealIn Episode 8 Tucker talks about what he’s seeing in the trenches in his local market.  In “The Deal of the Week” he covers a rare series of deals where he bought and sold three houses all right next door to each other in an A+ neighborhood.  He then moves on to the main topic which is “Negotiating Directly With Private Sellers” and he explains in detail how to deal directly with sellers and why you should.  In our most popular segment, “Direct Mails Greatest Hits” a caller threatens to have Tucker arrested!  Tucker provides another great bit of information in this weeks “Golden Nugget” where he explains why you should inspect oil tanks and sewer lines.  Tucker ends with a great Success Quote from Thomas Edison.  We hope you enjoy this episode and please leave us comments and reviews!

Episode 8 Segment Notes:

  • Local Market Recap: Tucker talks about what he is seeing in the REI Trenches
  • Deal of the Week: A very rare instance of Three homes in a row, on the same street, in an A+ neighborhood
  • Main Topic: Negotiating Directly with Private Sellers
  • Direct Mails Greatest Hits: A caller threatens to have Tucker arrested
  • Golden Nugget: Inspecting Properties for the things you cant see
  • Success Quote: By Thomas Edison
  • Music: Artist: T.W.D.Y. Track: Players Holiday



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Author: Tucker

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  1. Tucker,

    Straight to the core of the matter with no fluff. Great content.

    When you meet your sellers for the first time, do you have any particular strategies that aid in getting them to open up and tell their story?

    It sounds like being a good listener and being genuine are some of your core competencies. Just wondering if you have any go-to leading questions in your quiver?



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    • Tucker

      Just be yourself, ask them nicely what their situation is or allow the conversation to lead them there. More times than not they are more than willing to explain their situation and why they are considering selling to you.

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