Real Dealz 107: Adapt Your Marketing To Current Market Conditions

107In Episode 107, Tucker covers the latest news in his business, makes a couple of announcements and talks about the topics for this weeks episode.  He then makes a quick mention about our podcast sponsor, Iron Bridge Lending, who’s the best hard money lender in the country.  Tucker then goes into the main topic where he talks about the current market conditions and how you as a real estate investor need to adapt your marketing to be more effective in the current climate.  He shares some of the strategies he’s taking to combat the increased competition in order to keep his deal flow consistent with super profitable deals.  Tucker then moves on to the Game Of Life segment and talks about Tax Free Money and more specifically the Primary Residence Tax Exclusion, which every real estate investor should be taking advantage of.  He goes into detail about this strategy and explains how he’s done it a number of times himself and how it’s paid off.  Tucker then goes on to close out the episode with a great success quote and some final thoughts and announcements.  We hope you enjoy this episode and please leave us feedback and reviews!

Episode 107 Segment Notes:

  • Intro/Summary: Tuckers News/Comments/Announcements and Episode Overview
  • Special Sponsor Segment: Iron Bridge Lending
  • Main Topic: Adapting Your Business & Marketing to Current Market Conditions
  • Game Of Life: Tax Free Money – The Primary Residence Tax Exclusion
  • DFA Ad Segment
  • Transition & End Music: Various Remake Instrumentals/Mt. Eden – Say Dubstep

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