Real Dealz 11: Building Your Wholesale Business

Wholesale PicIn Episode 11 Tucker begins with the National Housing Statistics and then reflects on what he is seeing in his local market.  He then covers a new topic called the “Spokane Project” where he is consulting with an individual to bring his REI Business back to life and plans to share it with listeners every step of the way.  In “The Deal of the Week” he discusses a knock down new build where he bought the home subject to the existing mortgage and sold it to make a great profit.  In this weeks “Main Topic” Tucker explains how to “Build Your Wholesale Business”.  In our most popular segment, “Direct Mails Greatest Hits” another caller with plenty of profanity calls in.  In this weeks “Golden Nugget” Tucker explains why having a good Escrow Officer is vital and how to find one.  Tucker then introduces a new Segment for the podcast called “The No BS Zone” where he plans to cover things that other REI Investors are telling you and why its BS.  Tucker then ends Episode 11 with a great Success Quote from Brian Tracy.  We hope you enjoy this episode and please leave us comments and reviews!

Episode 11 Segment Notes:

  • New Segments Announced:
  • “The Spokane Project” (Tucker takes on a consulting challenge to bring an RE Investors business back to life.
  • The No BS Zone” (Tucker plans to cover REI information that is nothing but BS)
  • Market Recap: National Housing Stats and Local Market Analysis
  • Deal of the Week: A Knock Down New Build Deal
  • Main Topic: Building Your Wholesale Business
  • Direct Mails Greatest Hits: Another caller reacts to Tuckers Direct Mail
  • Golden Nugget: Escrow Officers
  • Success Quote: By Brian Tracy
  • Music: Artist: Puff Daddy Track: Mo Money Mo Problems (Instrumental)
  •         Artist: Jay Z Track: Forever Young




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Author: Tucker

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  1. Another great podcast Tucker!! I’ll have to start leaving some 5 star reviews on itunes 🙂

    Was curious, you spoke on this episode about your net profit on that knock down new build was around $150k. Considering you have employees, how much of that is actually going in to your pocket?

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  2. Tucker-

    Great content again!
    Question: When someone is starting or starting over, like the guy you mentioned in Spokane, how many pieces do you recommend they mail?
    I appreciate your help.

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