Real Dealz 13: Rehabbing 101

Ep 13 Cover PicIn Episode 13 Tucker begins with an update on the “Spokane Project”.  He then covers the latest RMLS Housing Report as well as thoughts on his local market in the “Market Recap” segment.   In “The Deal of the Week” he goes into detail about a recent Probate Deal that he acquired.  In this weeks “Main Topic” Tucker explains Rehabbing and also has a bonus interview with our in house listing agent/office manager Chris.  In our most popular segment, “Direct Mails Greatest Hits”, an upset caller leaves a voicemail with a couple profane words.  In this weeks “Golden Nugget” Tucker explains why its important to collect deposits on wholesale deals.  In the “No BS Zone” segment, Tucker covers the “We Buy Houses” issue for the second time as he has now had issues with Facebook.  Tucker then ends Episode 13 with a great Success Quote from Tony Robbins.  We hope you enjoy this episode and please leave us comments and reviews!

Episode 13 Segment Notes:

  • Episode Intro and Segments
  • “Spokane Project” Update
  • Market Recap: Latest RMLS Housing Report and Local Market Analysis
  • Deal of the Week: Probate Deal
  • Main Topic: Rehabbing 101
  • Direct Mails Greatest Hits: A very upset caller leaves a great voicemail
  • Golden Nugget: Collecting deposits on wholesale deals
  • No BS Zone: “We Buy Houses” Part 2
  • Success Quote: By Tony Robbins
  • Music: Artists: TI and Wiz Khalifa





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1 Comment

  1. I wanted to leave comment to tell you that was a very good podcast
    It is nice to hear from investors that are actually doing deals
    It sounds like you guys are putting out a good product for people to listen to
    If people are interested in getting in the rehab biz I would recommend your podcasts to anyone

    Thanks for all you do
    I wish you were around when I started
    Maybe I could have avoided many mistakes


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