Real Dealz 17: Internet Marketing for Real Estate Investing

Social-Media-DataIn Episode 17 Tucker will give you the latest status update on our “Spokane Project”.  In the “Market Recap” Segment, he dives into the latest RMLS Market Action Report and gives his thoughts.   In the “Deal of the Week” he goes into detail about a $40k Wholesale Deal he closed.  In this weeks “Main Topic” Tucker covers Four great suggestions on how to “Internet Market” your REI business.  In our most popular segment, “Direct Mails Greatest Hits”, he shares a voice mail from another angry caller that took exception to our new Radio Ads.  Keeping with the Internet Marketing theme, Tuckers “Golden Nugget” teaches listeners how to conduct Email Marketing.  In the “No BS Zone” segment, he shares a recent experience he had with a seller that was being untruthful about updates to his home.  Tucker then ends the Episode with a great Success Quote from Tony Robbins.  We hope you enjoy this episode and please leave us comments and reviews!

Episode 17 Segment Notes:

  • Intro/Summary
  • Spokane Project: Currently sending out Yellow Letters to Driving For Dollars Lists
  • Market Recap: Current RMLS Report
  • Deal of the Week: A $40k Wholesale Deal
  • Main Topic: Internet Marketing for Real Estate Investing
  • Direct Mails Greatest Hits: Another Radio Ad caller takes exception to our Ads
  • Golden Nugget: How to use Email Marketing
  • No BS Zone: Sellers can sometimes be Untruthful
  • Success Quote: By Tony Robbins
  • Ending Music: DJ Khaled – All I do Is Win
  • Transition Music: Warren G, Snoop Dog, Frame Beats, Nas




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Author: Tucker

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  1. Tucker.
    Thank you for your podcast.
    Talking with my business partner after a REI meeting we went to.
    I told him it would be nice if a RE professional Guru or whatever you call them would be up front.
    I do not give a shit about your testimonies from 2 years ago. Just tell me what are you doing today yesterday and maybe last month.
    You never hear what is happening now it except on this post cast.
    Thank you

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  2. Tucker,
    You mentioned in a podcast episode you call every seller back….let’s say in one day you get 10 calls from sellers, do you call them back in any particular order? For instance, if a seller leaves a message and says they got your letter and might be interested in selling if the price was right, etc. Then another seller calls and says they got your letter and want to sell because they can’t take care of it anymore, the tenants moved out, etc?

    I’m assuming you call the potential “hot leads” back first?


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    • Tucker

      This will come down to your best judgment. If they leave their address and that address is in one of the hottest most desirable areas, then that lead would clearly be a priority etc.

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  3. Just downloaded this episode and can’t wait to listen to it.
    We have been getting some real good leads and deals from our internet marketing and I’m looking forward to hear some of your strategies Tucker.

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    • Tucker

      Sounds good! Hope you enjoyed it!

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