Seller Leads Just Take Time…

neighborhoodSometimes, seller leads take a while. How long? Days, weeks, or even a year! It took us a while to learn this lesson. In March, we got a contract back from a seller, which we had been mailing for over a year. They never called and we kept mailing. Then, around the beginning of the year, they were curious to hear what our offer might be…

To make a long story short, we agreed on price and we scooped up the property. The reason being is the location. Now, you might be thinking – it’s in a hot area, right? Well, not exactly. Lake Oswego is a hot place for redevelopment, but there are certain pockets and neighborhoods that haven’t caught the bug yet. But, there is only so much space in each neighborhood. It’s a question of scarcity and how long before builders move into another neighborhood. I think this home is in the next hot spot. I made sure to make a land grab on this property because it’s in one of those untouched pockets.

My point here is this – everything takes time. The seller may take time to call. You have to be ready and willing to work with them. And, a hot neighborhood doesn’t happen overnight. You need to be one step ahead and make your moves with confidence. So, be ready and pay attention. You want to be one step ahead of the pack.


Author: Dan

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