Special Episode: ‘THE DIRTY TRUTH’ E-Book

Dirty Truth Final CoverTucker makes a special announcement about his latest Ebook that he just released.

‘The Dirty Truth: Real Stories From The Real Estate Trenches’

What is real estate investing? Glitz? Glamour? And profits of $10,000 a day from your laptop on a beach? No. No. And, no. Real estate investing requires hard work and dedication. Tucker Merrihew, Host of ‘The Real Dealz Podcast’ and owner of TTM Development Company knows this. How? Located in Portland, Oregon, Tucker has been running his own successful real estate investing company for 10 years. How has he accomplished this? By skipping over foreclosures and MLS listings and marketing directly to homeowners for the best deals!

During his tenure, Tucker has seen thousands of homes and witnessed hundreds of odd, ugly situations in homeownership. Did he buy? Maybe. Did he see the inside? Yes. Did he get his hands dirty? Always!

This book is a down and dirty wild ride through the Real Estate Investing Trenches. Want to know what REI is really about? Take a look inside! Be careful. It isn’t pretty in here. It’s just The Dirty Truth!

The Dirty Truth: Real Stories From The Real Estate Trenches




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