Take a peak behind the curtain – check out the Negotiating with Sellers Product!

d7b3a8e3-8644-4740-933b-b2572ad30655I wanted to put together a little something about the Negotiating with Sellers Product. I know it was a long time coming – remember, it took us a while to collect all the calls, filter the calls, and put together the medium to deliver the product. Regardless, we put a together a product we are proud of and we hope you’ll check it out.

Now, there is no product like this on the market. Why? Because most Guru’s don’t have a real business to post up as the backbone of their product development. We do. Everything we say, do, make, or build, is inspired and created because we are working the REI business day-in and day-out.

But, this product is especially unique because we are really pulling back the curtain on this one and letting you hear how we handle with Seller Leads and you get to hear how we put deals together. Understand that is has been years and years of trial and error, and it has been years and years of Chris (my office manager/in-house Realtor) and I talking about how to make these deals work. Really, we’ve got a trunk load of secrets to help us close on deals and make sure your sellers take your price.

So, if you are curious what strategies we use to run a multi-million dollar REI business in the Portland, OR Market, this product pulls back the curtain and gives you our secret sauce to success!


Author: Dan

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