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Spokane ProjectAs you probably heard in Episode 11, we have been getting a lot of requests over the past couple months to offer consulting to RE Investors who want to grow their businesses in this current market.  Many are finding that its increasingly difficult to keep the same pipeline with the same profits that they were seeing in years past.  Clearly we are in a sellers market where most buyers are paying much higher prices for real estate and can’t find enough inventory.

As you know we have been a big advocate for marketing directly to sellers.  As a result of using this tactic for many years in our own business, we have mastered the art of doing so and continually have a large inventory of deals.  This isn’t hype, its just the facts.

Our listeners have recognized this and know that we are actually doing what we say we’re doing, unlike many information marketers out there.  Our listeners know that we are a trustworthy source of valuable information.  How do they know this?  Listen to the episodes and I think you too will be convinced that we know our stuff.  If that isn’t enough, go check out our development company online:  TTM Development website, our Houzz page, our Real Dealz TV Videos, you can Google TTM Development Company and see that we are in fact very real and doing real deals.  We are very visible online and very open about what we do, unlike many “Professional House Flippers” out there.

So going back to the main point of all this.  We have been overwhelmed with people asking for us to consult with them on how to get their businesses jump started and flipping a ton of homes again.  The information we are providing in our Podcasts is a great resource and we give away a Ton of great information that we could easily charge for, but clearly, people want more.  They want personal attention that pertains precisely to their own market.  This is totally understandable and I can’t blame them.

Due to the fact that our primary business is house flipping, wholesaling, renovating, building, developing, etc we have a hard enough time getting our podcast episodes out each week.  While we would love to help everyone, at this time it’d be very hard for us to do so.  Even though we know we can make an impact in anyone’s REI business anywhere in the country.

As a side note:  The whole reason I started doing this podcast is because I felt like there was so much misinformation out there in the REI World that simply put, is just crap.  We thought we could do better and give people real, tangible information that will truly make their businesses run better and become more profitable.  As a result of this mindset, I wanted to reach an audience of RE Investors and teach people the “Real” methods and tactics to this business.  Not knowing where all of this would lead and as a result of providing what we think is great information, people have recognized this and have asked  us to help them with their REI business.  Of course I’m flattered but not at all surprised.

Because we don’t have the capacity or the resources at this time to help everyone that has asked, I thought that this was a great opportunity to put my money where my mouth is.  Because I believe in what we do and how we do it and know that it can work anywhere.  I’m going to prove that the information I’m giving listeners does in fact work.  I’m going to take on one consulting client in Spokane Washington and help transform his REI Business back into a money making machine.  I will personally be putting up all the money to do the direct marketing to bring him a consistent flow of deals.  If I fail, I’m out the money.  If I succeed, I only asked that he reimburse me for the marketing materials used.  I will see no profit from any of the deals he does.

Why would I do this and why don’t more gurus or “Professional House Flippers” do this?  Because I KNOW my methods work as I use them everyday in my own business and I’m confident they will work anywhere in the country.  The other gurus wouldn’t try it, because they don’t even believe the bullshit that they squawk about.  They’re simply information marketers who don’t actually have a house flipping business and just make large claims to impress you.  So of course they would never put their own money on the line to prove their methods, they have a hard enough time squeezing money out of you for the BS info they’re selling.

In short, I’m taking this on as a personal challenge to show you that what I speak of is the truth and that it works.  I’m going to share every part of this process with you the listener and will have audio and video of the consulting calls with our client in Spokane.  This will ensure that you’re able to learn about everything we’re doing to help him transform his business.  My hope is that by showing you everything that we’re doing to help him, it will help you and your business too.

Hopefully in the not too distant future we’re able to help more people as time allows.  But first, I would like to take on this challenge and prove that my methods can work anywhere.

Stay tuned…



Author: Tucker

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  1. Hi Tucker,
    I know you’re busy, and I am not asking for help. I just wanted to thank you for this latest blog post. Like you, I am sick and tired of some of these so called gurus selling people on their proven systems, but when challenged, refusing to put their money where their mouth is. That goes for all the gurus accross the board and not only real estate related. In my younger and less experianced days, I’ve fallen to their sales pitches few times. But then I got somewhat wiser and started callenging them on the idea of me not putting up my money for their course but toward the practical example of what they were teaching. I offered to use my money and their experience and knowledge to prove their system first hand. The benefit to them would be that from the proceeds I would pay them the full program tuition, and anything left over we would split 50-50. I thought that was a fair offer every time, and they had nothing to lose other than possibly their reputation. I am sure you won’t be surprised if I tell you that I got turned down every time. Excuse was always something like “we’re an educational company now”, “we don’t do that”, “it doesn’t work that way”, “we can’t accept your suggestion”, “it’s against our policy”, etc. So I told them that it is against my policy to pay for something if they are not ready to defend their theory by practical example, and using me as a lab rat to prove or disprove their system. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for what you’re doing. Not expecting anything in return, and good luck with all your endeavors!

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    • Tucker

      Thanks for the comment…..we are equally excited about trying to create this opportunity for the individual in Spokane whom we have decided to help out. This business is full of fluff and BS, so we are doing everything that we can do to cut through it and provide great content for our followers. Thanks for listening to the Podcast!

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  2. Tucker,
    I think that is awesome,
    Finally someone who will stand up and show credibility.
    My partner and I have spent close to the $40K range in the last 2 years doing exactly what gurus teach. From seminars to coaching.

    I even purchased a program where the guru had people pay to watch him do virtual wholesaling.
    They provided weekly updates of post card mailing, this and that but after about 1.5 month no deals and the reporting emails just stopped coming. Amazing how he just disappeared and layed low for awhile.

    My partner and I decided to find a coach. I picked one that had the experience in our own back yard.
    Now that the methods they have been teaching us does work in our market it appears they are throwing darts to see what works which is different then what their system was. We unfortunately are now in the trap of or should I say the statement of oh its not working for you because you are not doing what we tell you even though it is a different approach then what we were sold on.

    Personally I think lot of gurus had experience in the past and now make money coaching old outdated shit.

    This has been very frustrating with a lot of money spent.

    P,S I have no idea how I found your podcast but they are real and I appreciated that especially the multifamily which is what we are doing.

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    • Tucker

      Thanks for listening to the Podcast…….and I’m glad you like what we are doing with the Spokane Project! Stay tuned as I will be showing our listeners everything that we will be doing to transform this individuals business.

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  3. Tucker-

    Sounds great! Why do you suppose that REI lends itself to so many gurus that aren’t the real deal?


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    • Tucker

      Simply because there are so many people willing to spend money to learn this business.

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