Negotiating With Sellers Training

If you’re marketing directly to sellers then you need to know how to negotiate directly with them.  This product equips you to handle every type of seller call, educates you on the title and closing process as well as provides an abundance of FAQ’s sellers will ask, that you need to know the answers to.

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Flipping Teardowns Training

Flipping Teardown properties to builders has become a very profitable niche in recent years.  This product teaches you everything you need to know about develop-able land, including underlying zoning so that you can be educated when approaching builders, or if you plan to keep the land to build your own new construction.

We also give you the opportunity to purchase our New Construction Master Class.  Tucker explains the ground up new construction process, he includes construction schedules, budgets and examples of a new construction project he completed.

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The Driving For Dollars App

If you’re marketing directly to sellers and utilizing Driving For Dollars as a method to create the very best custom lead lists, then you need this App!  The days of writing down addresses using a pen and pad are over!  Download the D4D App, start creating lists that run in seconds and provide all the homeowner and property data you need in order to start marketing to them!

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The Dirty Truth: Real Stories From The Real Estate Trenches

More Entertainment than Education, this book delivers the goods on what it’s really like to be a Real Estate Investor!  It’s not always puppy dogs and rainbows, this business can be down right dirty and very weird at times.  The truth, is often stranger than fiction, so be sure to entertain yourself with some of these true stories and learn why we earn every dollar we make in this business!

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Real Estate Investing Secrets:  Volumes 1, 2 & 3

“Real Estate Investing Secrets by Tucker Merrihew” is a series of Real Estate Investing Education eBooks that cover various topics. These topics are derived from Tuckers weekly Podcast, “The Real Dealz Podcast” in which Tucker talks about strategies used in his successful REI business. As a result of his podcast, Tucker has quickly become a national authority on real estate investing strategies that actually work. Tucker has taken a variety of his Podcast topics, put them down on paper and expanded on the topics to bring you actionable REI information in several easy-to-read eBooks.

In Volume 1, Tucker discusses Direct Mail, Private Lenders, Driving For Dollars, and Probate Marketing.

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In Volume 2, Tucker discusses Internet Marketing, Direct Mail Marketing, Negotiating With Private Sellers, Building A Wholesale Business, and Leveling Up Your REI Business.

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In Volume 3, Tucker discusses How To Close A Motivated Seller, How To Structure A Deal, Rehabbing 101, and Designing Your Rehab Project.

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