Easy Marketing for your House Flipping Business!

contractor-email-marketingLet’s take a look at Internet Marketing and Marketing your business online. More specifically, I want to look at how to use E-mail Marketing in your business. E-mail marketing is great, because it is easy. And, you can set it up, send it out, and hope it generates a lead to your business. So, the question then becomes, who should be the targets of our marketing? I have two suggestions.

The first is Realtors. We have a master list that we niched down and we blast e-mails to that list every month or so. We explain who we are and what we can do for their pocket listings. We explain how they may be able to gather double commissions on the deal. The second list is Probate Attorneys. Same idea, except we offer ease of transaction when selling off the estate.

Once you have your list, you can plug those names into a management system, like Mail chimp. Blast that out every month and make that connection. It’s easy to do, so a few deals every few years is worth the time and effort. Get at it and get mailing!


Author: Dan

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