Negotiating with Sellers is now LIVE!

Lately, I’ve been asked a lot: What are you working on next? Sure, we’ve got books and a podcast, and our super special App coming soon. But what else? Well, all you curious souls floating around in the world in REI, we are very excited to announce our newest product!

Get ready, here is Negotiation with Sellers!

What is Negotiation with Sellers? It is the only product in the Real Estate Investing space that gives you actual recorded phone calls from my company, TTM Development Co. Inside this product, all exclusive members will find videos for each call category that teaches you the various strategies that his company will use to negotiate with a seller. That’s right, you get to listen in! You get a front row seat to hear how each and every negotiation strategy is used!

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In each section, I will explain the techniques and strategies used by himself and his office manager, Chris. Each section will have a video of me explaining each of the strategies and will include multiple calls for Exclusive members to hear these strategies being put into practice. Curious how a pro will put a solid deal together? Listen and Learn!

We believe that direct to seller marketing is the best way to acquire deals at the absolute largest discounts. If you believe this too, then it’s essential to know how to effectively communicate and negotiate with motivated sellers. This product does just that! The Negotiating with Sellers product is one of a kind! It has never been created before!

We are the best in the business and have built one of the finest and most successful REI businesses in the country. Learn from the best, so you can close profitable deals directly from motivated sellers and take your REI business to the next level!

Check out Negotiating with Sellers Today!


Author: Dan

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