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Asset-Protection-Page            This week’s Golden Nugget is a reminder to always protect your job site. Really, what I want to talk about is preventing your jobsite from being robbed. This is something Guru’s will not talk about because it is not glamorous. So, it’s a subject that often isn’t discussed.

I think that if you do enough rehabs, your jobsite will be robbed. I know, because early last year, I had this happen to me. The thieves stole a $4,000 paint sprayer and 45 gallons of paint. For reasons I won’t go into, I think it was an inside job, so we switched subs and were able to finish the project on time.

So, how can you protect yourself? I would suggest putting in a little camera that streams to the internet, and this way you always have a visual of the property. This is what I do now. I place the camera (and sometimes, two cameras) facing out from the garage. Here is why: those that are looking to rip-off a property, generally arrive in either a moving van, or a work van. This way, they look like they’re either moving in, or they’re contractors hired to do a little work. So, with that camera, when they back into the driveway and open the garage door, you will get a picture of the license plate, of their face, and an image of their vehicle.

The gold nugget here is to emphasize the value of that camera. It is worth the money. Especially when compared to hassle of dealing with equipment being stolen.


Author: Dan

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