Real Dealz 05: Dissecting My Own Real Estate Investing Business – Part 3 – The Construction Side of My Business

In Episode 5 Tucker starts with the most recent RMLS real estate statistics for his local market.  In “The Deal of the Week” he discusses how you have to be a problem solver when house flipping when he reflects on this profitable wholesale deal.  He then moves on to the main topic which is the third part of “Dissecting My Own Real Estate Investing Business” where he goes into further detail about the Construction Side of his Business.  In another “Direct Mails Greatest Hits” he shares a voicemail from another disgruntled direct mail recipient who uses plenty of vulgar language.  Finally, in the “Golden Nugget of the Week”, Tucker explains the difference between Private Money and Hard Money and explains how to find and structure Private Money for your business.   We hope you enjoy this episode and please leave us comments and reviews!


Episode 5 Segment Notes:

  • Local Market Recap: RMLS Market Recap report for Portland, OR
  • Deal of the Week: Wholesale deal with an interesting twist that teaches you how to be a problem solver.
  • Main Topic: The Construction Side of My Business
  • Direct Mails Greatest Hits: A disgruntled direct mail caller that uses plenty of vulgar language for your entertainment
  • Golden Nugget: Private Money vs. Hard Money
  • Success Quote: By Lil Wayne
  • Music: Artist: Lil Wayne


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  1. Tucker –

    Love the podcasts. Such great content. Learning how you operate your A+ RE business is really invaluable, so thank you.

    I have an episode request. It would be great to hear more in depth how you network and market for your private lenders. I’m struggling with this right now and need to source more funding in order to grow my business. You spoke about how you structure your private loans in this episode, but it would be great to hear how you source your lenders.

    Can be a touchy subject but if you could make an episode out of that, it would be extremely helpful!

    Keep up the awesome podcasts…thanks!

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    • Tucker

      Sounds like a great topic to me. We will make it happen!

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