Real Dealz 07: Probate Real Estate

Probate Pic Ep 7 1In Episode 7 Tucker starts with the current RMLS Market Report for the National and Local Markets.  In “The Deal of the Week” he covers a recent and rare condo deal that he simply could not refuse.  He then moves on to the main topic which is “Probate Real Estate” and he explains how to find and market to probate real estate leads.  In our most popular segment, “Direct Mails Greatest Hits” a caller leaves a voice mail in response to the very effective yellow letters that Tucker sends out.  Tucker provides another great bit of information in this weeks “Golden Nugget” where he explains Deed Transfers and what he does.  Finally, Tucker ends with a great Success Quote from real estate magnate, Donald Trump.  We hope you enjoy this episode and please leave us comments and reviews!

Episode 7 Segment Notes:

  • Local Market Recap: Tucker covers the latest RMLS Market Reports for the National and Local Markets
  • Deal of the Week: A Rare Condo Deal that Tucker Flips
  • Main Topic: Probate Real Estate Explained
  • Direct Mails Greatest Hits: A caller responds to Tuckers Yellow Letters
  • Golden Nugget: Deed Transfers Explained
  • Success Quote: By Donald Trump
  • Music: Artist: The Game  Track: “How We Do” (Instrumental) and Artist: Wiz Khalifa Track: “Black and Yellow”


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  1. Tucker – Great Podcast. I’m working on adding Probates to my marketing so this podcast was especially helpful. When sending to the deceased’s address, who’s name are you putting on the mailer – the deceased or the executor? Thanks.

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    • Tucker

      Try experimenting in your areas to see what works best, we have done it and continue to do it both ways and continue to experiment with it. Thanks!

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  2. Great Podcast Tucker!

    I’ve always mailed to the personal rep at their address. Gonna have to try mailing to the deceased address and see if I can up my response rate.

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  3. Tucker-

    Good show.
    When I look at the notice in my local paper, it shows the deceased, personal representative and attorney. I can then look at county records to see if they owned any property. At this point, I’m not positive if the deceased and the property owner are the same (First Middle Last Name vs. First Middle initial Last) and I’m not sure if the house is included in the estate.
    Do you mail w/ just this information or do you/can you verify that their is a house involved and what the address is?

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  4. Hi Tucker,
    Great episode! I’ve tried sending mailers to probates before. One problem I had when mailing to the address of the deceased person’s property is getting a phone call from random family members and not necessarily the PR/Executor/decision maker. Is there any questions that you ask up front to make sure you’re dealing with the right person? Also, about how many mail touches are you doing before someone sells, I ask because some probates could take up to 2-3 years especially in LA county? Thanks!

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    • Tucker

      Yes, one of the first questions you can ask is if they are the decision maker, that way you know how much time to invest in talking to that person or if you need to speak to someone else. Often times the person checking the mail is the PR/Decision maker. You can also send the mail in the PR’s name at the subject property to ensure they receive it. As far as mail touches, stay consistent, mail to the probate lists every quarter or 6 months if in CA it takes longer. That way they are reminded of you and think of you when they go to sell.

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