Real Dealz 105: Transitioning Into New Construction w/ Robert Heyder and Jon Rankin in St. Louis

St LouisIn Episode 105, Tucker covers the latest news in his business, makes a couple of announcements and talks about the interview for this weeks episode.  He then makes a quick mention about our podcast sponsor, Iron Bridge Lending, who’s the best hard money lender in the country.  Tucker then goes into the main topic where he interviews Robert Heyder and Jonathan Rankin in St. Louis.  Robert and Jon cover a lot of ground in this interview, they start with how they both got into REI, how they started working together and where they’re at now.  They talk about all the different opportunities the St. Louis market offers and how they’re transitioning into new construction as well as accumulating more rentals.  They then move into their biggest deal to date, where they just closed on a 25,ooo sq ft commercial office space and how they got the deal done in just 2 weeks!   Tucker then goes on to close out the episode with a great success quote and some final thoughts.  We hope you enjoy this episode and please leave us feedback and reviews!

Episode 105 Segment Notes:

  • Intro/Summary: Tuckers News/Comments/Announcements and Episode Overview
  • Special Sponsor Segment: Iron Bridge Lending
  • Main Topic: Interview with Robert Heyder and Jonathan Rankin in St. Louis
  • DFA Ad Segment
  • Transition & End Music: Various Remake Instrumentals/Cypress Hill – Rock Superstar

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