Real Dealz 14: Mindset for Success

SuccessIn Episode 14 Tucker jumps into another update on the “Spokane Project”.  He then shares his thoughts on his local market from a wholesale and retail standpoint in the “Market Recap” segment.   In this weeks “Deal of the Week” he talks about a New Construction/Development deal he acquired in a high-end area of Portland.  In this weeks “Main Topic” Tucker shares the Mindset you need to be successful in Real Estate Investing.  In our most popular segment, “Direct Mails Greatest Hits”, Tucker shares our recent radio ad that he’s running and a caller responds to it.  In this weeks “Golden Nugget” Tucker talks about Protecting Your Job Sites and shares a recent experience he had.  In the “No BS Zone” segment, Tucker disagrees with a direct mail marketing tactic being pushed by another REI Podcaster.  Tucker then ends the Episode with a great Success Quote from Henry Ford.  We hope you enjoy this episode and please leave us comments and reviews!

Episode 14 Segment Notes:

  • Episode Intro and Segments
  • “Spokane Project” Update
  • Market Recap: In the trenches outlook for both Retail and Wholesale
  • Deal of the Week: Development/New Construction Double Lot Acquisition
  • Main Topic: Mindset For Success
  • Direct Mails Greatest Hits: A caller responds to our new radio ads
  • Golden Nugget: Protecting your Job Sites
  • No BS Zone: A BS Direct Marketing Tactic being pushed by another REI Podcaster
  • Success Quote: By Henry Ford
  • Music Artiste: Ice Cube Track: Today Was A Good Day



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  1. Tucker,
    Great podcast….awesome content week after week!

    How important do you think being a good copywriter or having good copy on a mail piece is compared to mailing the same list consistently with a “standard” we buy houses letter/postcard??

    I’ve recently been looking into hiring a copywriter to rewrite some of my marketing pieces.

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    • Tucker

      Its important but not as important as massive and consistent action……someone who mails a ton of crappy marketing pieces will still get more deals than someone else who mails a much smaller amount of great marketing pieces. The key is to mail a ton of great marketing pieces however….

      So bottom line is that copy is not as important as presentation or consistency, but its probably the 3rd most important thing. As long as you keep the copy all about them, whatever you send should do fine as long as you mail consistently. We write all of our own copy, but I have also studied copy writing quite a bit as well as direct response marketing, so do the same and you should be able to write your own copy just fine.

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  2. Tucker-

    What does your message for sellers that call off your direct mail say? You said that some are answered live and some go to voicemail.

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    • Tucker


      Our voicemail message is very simple. It thanks them for calling TTM Development and “If you’re calling about a house you want to sell, please leave the address, your name and number and we will get back to you asap” etc. Just keep it simple and you will be good to go.

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