Real Dealz 22: Designing Your Rehab Projects Properly

Image RehabEpisode 22 starts with the “Market Recap” Segment, where Tucker talks about Market Education and what he is seeing Locally and on a National level.   In the “Deal of the Week” he goes into detail about a current new construction/rehab, lot splitting deal that he will be closing on in two months.  In this weeks “Main Topic” Tucker explains how to design your rehab projects properly in order to ensure you get top dollar.  In our most popular segment, “Direct Mails Greatest Hits”, we share a voicemail that one of our Listeners sent in, which is actually quite informative, so pay attention!  Tuckers “Golden Nugget” for the week is about Wholesale Deal Emails.  In the “No BS Zone” segment, he talks living financial responsibly and within your means.  Tucker then ends the Episode with a great Success Quote from Thomas Edison.  We hope you enjoy this episode and please leave us comments and reviews!

Episode 22 Segment Notes:

  • Intro/Summary
  • Spokane Project: No update this week, will give listeners an update next episode!
  • Market Recap: Local and National Market Thoughts
  • Deal of the Week: New Construction/Rehab Lot Splitting Deal
  • Main Topic: Designing Your Rehab Projects Properly
  • Direct Mails Greatest Hits: Another listener submitted voicemail which is quite constructive
  • Golden Nugget: Wholesale Deal Emails
  • No BS Zone: Living Financially Responsibly
  • Success Quote: Thomas Edison
  • Transition Music: Various Artists
  • Ending Music: Geto Boys – Damn it feels good to be a gangsta



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Author: Dan

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  1. Excellent podcast. Love the real life experiences. Sellers are strange. On one deal I bought, the lady stored all or “bodily fluids” in gallon glass jars. You never know what you’re gonna get…

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  2. Hey Guys,
    Another great episode…..

    Wondering if Tucker has ever put the wrong phone number on a marketing piece? I had my brother in law print out a few hundred letters only to find out after I mailed them that it was the wrong frickin phone number in the letter!!! I plan on remailing ASAP…u guys think I should mention to the sellers we had the wrong number?

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    • Dan

      Might as well tell them that you sent the wrong number which is why youre mailing them again so soon. Any excuse to remail and get in front of them again! 😉
      But let it be a lesson to always put other forms of contact info, like website, email etc, so you don’t feel like that mailing went to waste because you may have only had one form of contact and it was wrong…
      And no, we normally double and triple check everything to ensure its right, although Im sure in the beginning stages, we messed up somewhere. Were all human after all…
      Good luck!

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