Real Dealz 239: Are You Prepared To Burn Your Ships? Interview w/ Danny Pitcher

In Episode 239, Tucker interviews Charleston area investor and DFA Member Danny Pitcher.  Danny shares the story of his determination to make real estate investing work and how he went all-in and never looked back.  His journey wasn’t without its challenges and he shares some of the pitfalls he encountered along the way and how he was able to persevere and continue to see success in his business.  Tune in for an inspiring story of how Danny has continued to accomplish the goals he’s set out to conquer. We hope you enjoy this episode and be sure to leave us feedback and reviews!



Episode 239 Segment Notes:

  • Intro/Summary: Tuckers News, Announcements and Episode Overview
  • Main Topic: Are You Prepared To Burn Your Ships?
  • End Music: Random Instrumental

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