Real Dealz 50: The Biggest Opportunity in Wholesaling Right Now!

house-basketEpisode 50, starts with Tucker sharing what’s going on with his own REI business on the sticks and bricks side as well as some informational products were developing for Real Estate Investors.  He then gives you some brief details about our show sponsor, Iron Bridge Lending and their great programs.  In the “Market Recap” segment,  Tucker goes over the most recent RMLS Market Action Report for his Market and talks about the extremely low inventory numbers were currently experiencing.  In the “Deal of the Week” segment Tucker talks about a current deal were working on and how we got it, as well as shares some great tips on your lists and response rates.  In everyone’s favorite segment, “Direct Mails Greatest Hits”, Tucker shares a very weird message that he received and shares his thoughts on it.  He then transitions into the “Golden Nugget” where he discusses in length the biggest opportunity in wholesaling right now.  In the “No BS Zone” segment, he discusses a particular realtor call that Chris had, and gives you a tip on what not to do on the phone.  Tucker then ends the Episode with a funny success quote.  We hope you enjoy this episode and please leave us comments and reviews!

Episode 50 Segment Notes:

  • Intro/Summary
  • Special Sponsor Segment: Iron Bridge Lending
  • Market Recap: Latest RMLS Market Action Report
  • Deal of the Week: A deal were currently working on now and how we got it
  • Direct Mails Greatest Hits: A weird message from Tuckers cell phone
  • Golden Nugget: The biggest opportunity in wholesaling right now!
  • No BS Zone: Another realtor call and what not to do on the phone
  • Transition Music: Various Instrumentals
  • Ending Music: Snap! – The Power

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