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UntitledPodcast Listeners and Future Academy Members,

If you have listened to the most recent podcast, Episode 20.5 as well as Episode 20, you should know by now what the “Deal Finders Academy” is.  I wanted to make a few comments about it, include the list of member benefits that Tucker mentioned in Episode 20.5 as well as make some comments on the two products, app and the status of future one-on-one consulting.

As Tucker stated, there really isn’t anything of quality out there like what we will be offering in this Academy.  Yes, you can go research Direct Mail Marketing information, but there isn’t anything out there that any of us would spend our time or money on that is specific to Direct Marketing for Real Estate Investing.  I hope everyone knows that this is our full time job, we have 8 full-time employees, a couple part-time employees and this is all because we have mastered direct to seller marketing.  Yes, us full-time folks work 40+ hours a week every week.  We don’t do the so called “5 hour work week” that you always here guru’s talking about.  If you’re working 5 hours a week in this business, you’re not doing any deals, end of story.  Point being, this is a full time job for us and we are successful to the point where we generate great revenue, we build wonderful luxury homes, we employ a large team and most importantly are able to control our lead funnel at will.  We’ve put in a lot of time refining this direct to seller marketing machine, which has gotten us to the place we are today .  By now you know, whether it’s a podcast or a product, we feel that we have something better to offer you that will benefit your business as well.

Due to the popularity of the Podcast and Tuckers no-nonsense, honest approach to this business, many of you have been wanting more information.  Many of you have asked for one-on-one consulting to discuss specific areas of the business and how to refine it and grow.  Most of you want a “Direct Mail” product since that’s where our success has come from, it’s what we preach and people want to know how we do it so effectively.  Lastly, many are going direct to seller for the first time and want to know how to do it, so the “Negotiating with Sellers” product will help many of you with how to handle the calls and learn what questions to ask etc.  All this information is something that you, the listener has asked for, so of course we’re trying to deliver that and in a way that cuts through all the BS and fluff.

We’re currently working on the two products (Direct Mail & Negotiating with Sellers) to give people as much direction in these areas as possible.  Tucker and I are currently heading this up and working later evenings than normal to get you the goods that you want.  Because we make our money actually flipping and building homes, time is scarce and we don’t have to sell products or consulting to make money in this business.  With that said, the whole reason we got into the podcast game was to cut through all the guru BS and hype and actually give you the real information you need that continues to work for us.  If people like what they hear and want to learn more, of course we feel obliged to try and give you more.  So, we’re creating these products that you, our listeners, have requested, so you can get more tangible, useable information that will make a real difference in your business.

Since one-on-one consulting takes up a lot of time and because our time is most profitable spent flipping, wholesaling and building, it would not make sense for us to give up too much of that time to consult with every person who has requested it.  If we did, the price wouldn’t be palatable and we wouldn’t have time for much else.  So Tucker and I put our heads together and decided that the Deal Finders Academy was the next best solution where we can spend a set amount of time each week to provide useable information to investors that want it.  Because we care about your success and don’t want to do this unless we know you will succeed, like tucker said, were only taking on one person per market.  No need to give you additional competition…

Now we all know that every investor is at different levels of their business.  Some are just starting out, some have done deals but have never gone direct to seller and some have done all that, but may be looking to level up or refine their marketing or take their business to a new level.  The deal finders academy should be able to provide 99% of our members with all the information you will need to get your business to a new level and beyond.  We know that some members will want more specific attention and mainly want one-on-one consulting.  For this reason and in the near future, Tucker will try to carve out more time to do one-on-one consulting.  Those of you that have inquired about it, I have kept record of it and at the time Tucker wants to take on more consulting, he will contact each of you and will move forward on a case by case basis.

In regards to the app that we’re developing.  This is something that Tucker and I have conceptualized for over a year now and like he stated, it was technology that we wanted to build for ourselves to streamline our own direct to seller business.  Because there’s nothing out there like it, why not give it to the world and let everyone else streamline their business too?  Also, it wouldn’t hurt to make a few bucks from it either.  As was mentioned previously, its not a cheap endeavor to develop these things.  In addition to all that though, its going to be very very cool and has been a lot of fun to be on the ground floor of designing something that could potentially end up in the hands of tens of thousands of people nationwide.

With all that said, I’m really looking forward to working with all of you that will be joining the Academy.  Tucker and I genuinely want to make a difference in each of your businesses and will do our very best to try and give you all the information you will need to take your business to the next level.

Below I have listed the member benefits you can expect if you’re a part of the Academy.

Academy Member Benefits:

  • All Marketing Materials – Types of Letters, Postcards, Every Door Direct Mail, Probate and Realtor Emails, Packaging, Types of Lists, Frequency Schedules
  • Seller Negotiations – Recorded Phone Calls
  • Tutorial Videos – How-To videos on direct marketing and related various topics
  • Premium Podcast Episodes – Marketing and related various topics
  • Upcoming Products – Exclusive Access and deep Discounts
  • Email Access to Tucker and Dan – Direct access so that we can answer your questions and provide direction in your business on a daily basis
  • Monthly Webinars w/Q&A – We will cover a Marketing topic and answer member questions
  • Private (Members Only) Website with Forums for Topics, Ideas, Comments/Questions and Wall Posts that we will answer and others can answer and share information
  • Beta Testing of our Direct Marketing App/Website – Exclusive access as well as direct feedback from members

Of course, if there are additional things we can add or ways to provide you with more information or in a format where the information is better learned, we will be sure to do so.


Dan H


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  1. Sounds awesome. Count me in! You guys already have my information. Thanks

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  2. So excited! My brother Dan and I were all over this the minute we heard about it a couple episodes ago! Can’t wait to hear more and get connected to the program. Thanks for putting the extra effort in to create this & open it up to the hungry REIs you so selflessly serve already!

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