The Real Dealz Podcast Has Officially Launched……as well as Real Dealz TV!

George and IIt has been a long road of becoming much more technically savvy for my team and I…..but the result is that we have finally been able to launch both The Real Dealz Podcast (Episodes 1 & 2) as well as Real Dealz TV (both of which you can listen to and watch on this website). I have wanted to launch this Podcast for a while now, but too be honest it was a lot more work than I originally thought it would be. But now that we have finally got it to this point however, I am super excited that we were able to make this happen…… both for my team of great co-workers who help me to implement all of my crazy (but often very effective) business ideas, and for you our new listeners. I wanted to create a Podcast that allows fellow investors to take a look under the hood of a highly successful Real Estate Investing business on a weekly basis…..and I wanted to provide a platform where other investors could easily ask questions, and really get to know the inner-workings of how I have grown my own Real Estate Investing business into the success that it is today. The Real Dealz Podcast will allow our listeners to follow along with what my team and I are doing right now….in this market….to generate tons of hugely profitable deals and dominate all of our local competition. The business of house flipping and real estate investing has changed a lot over the past few years, and so have the investing techniques that will make you consistently large profits… I feel its important to only take investing advise from those who know how to find deals and make big money right now……and not in years past! The hope is that by following along with exactly how we are making big things happen in our market of Portland Oregon here now in 2014……you can take some of the techniques and strategies that I will be discussing and put them to work in your own REI business! I can assure you that there is nothing else out there that will provide fellow investors with as much valuable, timely, usable and best of all FREE Real Estate investing information as The Real Dealz Podcast!

In addition to the Podcast we have also just released the first 3 episodes of Real Dealz TV that you can watch on this site! Since I actually run a “real” Real Estate Investing business I wanted to allow our listeners to also “see” some of our current projects and get a better idea of how we make $$ in this great business! We will be releasing a new episode of Real Dealz TV about every 2-3 weeks, and in each episode we will take you onsite to new house that we are either renovating, building or wholesaling. Think of Real Dealz TV as “in the field real life coaching”…..but for FREE! In addition we try to make it at least a little entertaining for you guys, so that you will actually want to watch the video’s all the way through J

If any of our followers have any suggestions for future Real Dealz TV episodes, please leave a comment and we will do our best take those suggestions into account when shooting new episodes. Real Dealz TV is meant to compliment the Podcast and really bring some of the projects we discuss to life for our listeners. We really hope that you enjoy all the episodes, and we will do our best to continue bringing you high quality Real Dealz education, that you can use to make more $$ in your own Real Estate Investing Business!

We hope you enjoy all of The Real Dealz Education that is provided on this site and lets make 2014 our best year ever in Real Estate!


Author: Tucker

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  1. I’m looking forward to the podcasts and TV episodes. I heard you on another podcast and it sounds like you’re dominating your market.

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